Solar Photovoltaics

SolAps utilizes the numerous solar P.V technologies...

Solar Network

SolAps deploys a virtual solar network of devices (IOT)...

Solar Currency

SolAps system enables its users to harvest virtual currency...


Elevate Your Experiences with SolAps

SolAps is dedicated to enhancing your on-the-go lifestyle with cutting-edge solar technology. Our innovative products ensure you stay charged, connected, and ready for every adventure.

  • Realtime Solar Data
  • Secured Solar Data Logs (Blockchain )*
  • Solar Data Analysis and Value Innovation


How SolAps Smart Solar Works?

Smart solar is simply, Solar plus IOT ( i.e. Internet Of Things). SolAps continues to pioneer the development of smart solar applications around the world with the uses of our for core principles.


Connect Solar Devices

Connections are established using our propietary hardware.

Monitor Solar Devices

Each device is connected to our network platform to help solar devices perform to their expected levels.

Manage Solar Devices

Solar devices require realtime management for various reasons and because the sun moves around the sky. SolAps smart solar devices are managed with the use of the smart solar network and various smart technologies (Automation ).

Control Solar Devices

To achieve control is to achieve a predetermined outcome and that applies to solar devices as well. That is why the SolAps smart solar system enables it's users to control their solar devices according to their own individual or collectives goals.


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We apply knowledge gained from research into developing viable hardware and software solutions.


We have developed the necessary manufacturing relationships to mass produce our hardware.


We apply effective tech tools in creating the required level of awareness for our solutions.


We engage in the merchandising of our hardware solutions as OEM, Wholesaler and Retailer.

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