SolAps Provides Realtime Smart-Solar Data Solutions.

SolAps provides insight to the flow and management of solar photovoltaic electron current (i.e. Electricity and Charge). As the standard in the application of solar technology, it is the duty for SolAps to help optimize this process and it starts with realtime measurement.

  • Realtime Solar Data
  • Secured Solar Data Logs (Blockchain)*
  • Solar Data Analysis and Value Innovation

Our Mission

To accelerate the adoption of solar renewable technologies worldwide..

  • Research and Apply Technology Options.
  • Innovate Beyond to Increase Offer Value.

Our Vision

The amount of solar power that reaches the earth in one hour is enough to power the worlds electrical demands for one year.

Our vision illustrates a society based on solar abundance in all areas as such energy and money.


Why Choose Us?

SolAps was founded upon a passion to serve each person. Service to all people everywhere around the world. SolAps delivers positive impact in all areas we address.

Abundant Clean Energy.

We focus on clean abundant and universally available Solar energy and power.

Solar Network

Information technology and computer networking have led to great solutions in other industries, so we apply this to Solar.

Solar Currency

Our solution goes beyond power and delivers a viable currency to users worldwide.

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