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Solar-Powered Product Innovator SolAps Introduces Solar-Powered Smartphone Charger and App with community development features e.t.c


Toledo, OH — The days of your smartphone running out of battery at exactly the wrong time are about to become a thing of the past thanks to Chargebot, the new solar-powered smartphone case that puts the power of the sun in everyone’s hands.


Chargebot is a universal solar-powered smartphone charger that charges your smartphone battery using sustainable, renewable solar energy. When paired with the Chargebot app for iOS and Android, Chargebot not only charges your phone — it also monitors your phone’s power usage and notifies you when your battery is running low, or when you are in an area that is especially good for charging.


Built into the Chargebot phone charger are flexible, durable, high-efficiency micro solar panels that have the ability to collect and store energy in both outdoor and indoor environments. Chargebot’s solar panels, provided through an exclusive agreement with Thin Film Corporation, are thinner, more durable and higher-performing than competing products’ cells, making the Chargebot the sleekest, lightest-weight, and best-performing solar-powered smartphone charger available today.


Chargebot is the first solar-powered smartphone charger that comes with a complimentary smartphone app. The case is available for both iPhone and Samsung Galaxy amongst others, and comes with a stylish holster for convenient carrying. The case and holster were both designed by London-based designer Lindsey Tait, a seasoned fashion accessories designer specializing in accessories that perfectly balance fashion with function.


Chargebot is the flagship product of SolAps, a consumer electronics company dedicated to developing smart, useful solar-powered products that enable users everywhere to incorporate solar energy into their everyday lives. Chargebot was developed by an international team of design and engineering enthusiasts, who came together out of their shared vision of using design and engineering to create solar products that people everywhere can use in their everyday lives. The SolAps mission hits particularly close to home for founder Omololu William Noibi, Born and raised in Africa, Noibi developed a powerful appreciation for solar energy’s ability to provide power in even the most hard-to-reach places.




SolAps has sold 0ver 1,000 units of their pre-Alpha version, and is currently finalizing development of their Beta product. SolAps is a member of the LaunchPad incubator at the University of Toledo in Toledo, Ohio, and the Onetraction Accelerator. The company has garnered interest from a number of leading , including leading electronics manufacturer Flextronics and leading smartphone accessory distributor Brightstar.


As the SolAps team works to complete development of their Beta release, the company recently launched an ecommerce platform, which is dedicated to independent brands and small businesses. For more information about Chargebot and SolAps Vendor Program, you can visit the web portal profile here: ****.


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