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Secured Virtual Currency Mining From Solar Powered Living

About Us

SolAps delivers the greatest benefits of Solar (Sun) Power to users like you, worldwide.


The sun provides so much power in one hour, that is enough light up the world for one year but, the world is yet to get close to taking advantage of this. That is why SolAps was founded, to "Accelerate The Adoption Of Solar Technology Worldwide". Join us.

Solar & IOT


SolAps is the world's first and leader in developing the standards for IOT (Internet Of Things) technology in the Global solar industry.  

The benefits for the solar device owners and the industry are many because, IOT allows for solar devices to be smart. Therefore reducing the headaches and pains associated with using solar devices. 

Example: Personal Computers (PC's) were great before the internet, but they only reached their potential once connected to the internet, that is the same impact IOT will have on SolAps Solar devices. 

Solar Virtual Currency


SolAps is  pioneering the development of a solar based currency that will help reduce the stress and poverty that people experience daily.

The benefits of SolAps solar currency are numerous as users of SolAps devices will be rewarded for their purchase and dedicated use of SolAps solar devices with the use of a mobile app.

Example: A solar powered refrigerator generates clean solar power and the amount of power generated is tracked and converted to a virtual currency that can be used to buy grocery's that can be stored in the same refrigerator. 

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SolAps 2600 Dorr Street Suite 2000D Toledo, OH 43607 US

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